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Commanding Officer's Quarters
(General Crook's Log Cabin)

Circa 1871

General Crook's CabinHistory: The first Commanding Officer's (C.O.'s) quarters was constructed in the spring of 1871, as one of eight identical 18' x 20' canvas-floored log cabins built in a row (extending for a quarter of a mile) along the north edge of the parade ground. After the arrival of the steam powered sawmill in 1872, each cabin was enlarged by the addition of another 18' x 20' log section (known as a pen) joined to the first by an enclosed, ten foot wide dogtrot. All of the original officers' quarters constructed before 1883 were provided with kitchens, which were detached sheds. The original log quarters continued to be used for many years, disappearing one by one, until only one cabin at the west end of the row remains standing. This building is the oldest surviving structure on the post. General George Crook, Commander of the Military Department of Arizona from 1871 to 1873 and from 1882 to 1886, may have been quartered in this building on his visits to the post during his first tour of duty in Arizona.

After the construction of newer C.O.'s quarters further along Officer's Row in 1874, the log cabin served as housing for lower ranking officers. Because of its proximity to the hospital, it was probably used as Post Surgeon's quarters and may possible have been occupied by Doctor Walter Reed and his family. Later, after the construction of additional quarters along Officer's Row, the cabin was used to quarter civilian employees of the post. Fort Apache was abandoned by the Army in 1922, and the former military post was converted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (B.I.A.) To the Theodore Roosevelt School for Indian children. Through the 1920's and 1930's the cabin was used to house teachers employed by the B.I.A. Later it became the home of the tribal trapper. In 1969, the log cabin was taken over by the White Mountain apache Tribe for the use of their newly created apache culture Center. The Culture Center continues to occupy the cabin today.

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