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Commanding Officer's Quarters

Circa 1893

Commanding Officer's QuartersHistory: The present building was constructed in 1892--93 to replace the 1874 story-and-a-half, frame building that burned in 1891. The 1874 frame structure was located on the same site as the present building and served as C.O.'s quarters from 1874 until 1891.

Historic photographs show evidence that a lookout tower was originally located on the roof of the present structure. The tower was used for meteorological observations which the Signal Officer was required to record and telegraph to Department Headquarters each day.

As Commanding Officer's quarters, this residence hosted many visiting dignitaries and distinguished guests who visited the fort. Among these visitors was Theodore Roosevelt, who is said to have been a guest in this house on his visits to Fort Apache.

#105 B.I.A. Clubhouse
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