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Arctic Grayling


In Arizona's White Mountains we've got Arctic Grayling too!

Angler's both young and old enjoy year around fishing in the White Mountains. Arctic Grayling are just one of the many species of fish available to the avid fisherman! In Arizona, anglers may take fish by one line with hooks or artificial lures. Purchase of a "two pole"stamp on Arizona's fishing license allows anglers to fish simultaneously with two poles.

Fishing in Arizona is governed by Arizona State Law. A valid fishing license is required. Licenses may be obtained from the Arizona Game & Fish Department or any authorized vendor.

Arctic Grayling
(Thymallus arcticus)

Description: Non-native to Arizona, Arctic Grayling were introduced to Arizona in the 1940. The dorsal fin is large, dark-gray, blotched with pale spots, with cross-rows of deep blue spots and edged with red or orange. The dorsal fin has 17 to 25 rays. The tail fin is forked. The body has scattered black spots on silver-gray, sometimes pink sides. Scales larger than for trout. Length: 12 to 16 inches. Weight: 6 ounces to over 1 pound.

Location & Habitat: Grayling are found in Lee Valley Reservoir and a few small high mountain lakes in the White Mountains. They spend most of the year in the lake then "run" up stream to spawn in the spring.

Food habits: Their main diet is the adult and larvae of aquatic insects.

Angling: Grayling are caught on both wet and dry flies. A Royal Coachman or a black or brown Woolly worm often work very well. Note: Special limits apply.

Table Quality: The meat is white, flaky and good tasting.

Information courtesy Arizona Game & Fish Department. Published with the permission of: Arizona Game & Fish Department Region 1, Pinetop. HC 66, Box 57201, Pinetop, AZ 85935, (928) 367-4281. If you would like to visit the home page for the Arizona Game & Fish Department, you may find the Department at www.gf.state.az.us.