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The forest wide fuelwood cutting season is July 15 to December 31 annually. However, some fuelwood cutting may be allowed in low fire hazard areas between January 1 to July 15. These low fire hazard areas will be designated by the local District Ranger.

Our policy is to provide fuelwood products to the public by striving to offer concentrations of down and dead material, free-use, and green cutting where and when possible. Objectives for the fuelwood program are to reduce fuel loading, improve utilization of forest products, and improve wildlife habitat conditions.

Several types of permits are available with a maximum of 10 cords per household per year. Specific information may be obtained by contacting the Lakeside Ranger District.

Free-Use permits: Fuelwood may be gathered in designated areas ONLY, free of charge, with a valid free-use permit.

Forest Wide Dead & Down ~ Standing Permits: This permit covers all species of dead and down fuelwood, and all species of dead and standing fuelwood EXCEPT ALLIGATOR JUNIPER and OAK.

Standing Dead Oak permits: A special permit may be issued exclusively for oak. Gathering of this fuelwood is permitted in designated areas only. The season for gathering fuelwood on this permit will vary depending on its location.

Green Fuelwood Permits: Permits for gathering green Utah (shaggy bark) juniper are available at designated areas ONLY.Commercial Fuelwood permits: Please contact the District for information concerning commercial fuelwood permits.

Cutting wood!Fuelwood Cutting Tips:


  • you understand your permit.
  • you cut only in your specified area.
  • all powersaws and vehicles meet Forest Service safety requirements (i.e. spark arresters).

Help keep your forest clean. PACK TRASH OUT! Leave gates as you find them (open or closed).

Vehicles should not be driven off roads when such travel would result in ruts or damage vegetation.

All permits expire December 31, unless specified otherwise on permit.

For more information, please feel free to contact the USDA Forest Service, Lakeside Ranger District at 928.368.5111 or you may write us at 2022 W. White Mtn. Blvd., Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona 85935

Be sure to check with the Lakeside Ranger Station for current information on gathering permits or fees that may be required.

White Mountains Online wishes to express our appreciation to the USDA Forest Service, Lakeside District for providing this information! Cities & Towns
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