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Timber Mesa ~ Panorama Connector Trails # 635A, #635B


Arizona's White Mountains

Elevation: 6,800 - 6,900 feet.

Season: Spring to early winter

Use: Light

Length: Flume connector 2.5 miles
Sawmill connector 4.5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate for hiking. Moderate for horses. Moderate for bikes.

Attractions and Considerations: The Sawmill Connector is between Panorama Trail near Porter Tank and Timber Mesa Trail north of Frost Canyon. A vista point just above Porter Tank has wonderful views to the east of the White Mountains. From Porter Tank the trail winds through ponderosa pine and into Gambel oak as it meets the Timber Mesa Trail. The Flume Connector is between Panorama Trail near the trailhead and Timber Mesa Trail south of Frost Canyon. This connector skirts the bottom of Porter Mountain through ponderosa pine. Watch as the vegetation changes from one side of Porter Mountain to the other.

Both connector trails follow and cross many existing roads. Keep your eyes open and back track to your last know landmark or trailmarker if you should lose the trail.

Access: Flume from Timber Mesa Trail: At most northern part of Timber Mesa trail where the trail hits the Chimneys Road, connector veers to right and stays on top of mesa.

Flume from Panorama Trail: Connector heads west and up ridge from Porter Tank.

Sawmill from Timber Mesa Trail: From trailhead head up to top of mesa, connector intersects to right 1/4 mile.

Sawmill from Panorama Trail: From Trailhead head north on FR 206. Connector intersects on left several hundred yards north of trailhead.

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