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Woodland Lake Park


Arizona's White Mountains


Elevation: 6,950 feet

Season: All seasons,

Use: Heavy

Access: Follow State Highway 260 south through Lakeside toward Pinetop, past Blue Ridge Schools. Turn right on Woodland Lake Road. Turn into Woodland Lake Park. Drive to the turnaround near the fishing pier. The trails are marked.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate.

Attractions and Considerations: Woodland Lake Park may be the ideal outdoor area for the entire family. Facilities include tennis courts, softball fields, spacious picnic shelters and public restrooms. Birdwatchers will find a number of species of waterfowl around Woodland Lake, as well as other species in the surrounding woodlands.

There are several short, interconnected trails at Woodland Lake Park. The 1.25 mile Lake Loop Trail is level and paved. From there, one can take a side trail to the Hitching Post Loop Trail (2 miles) or a walk to Big Springs Environmental Study Area.

Walnut Creek Trail was first developed in 1967 as the beginning of the Lakeside District's visitor information program. It gets its name from several small springs bubbling from the east side of the creek and the black walnut trees that are part of a favorite habitat of birds and squirrels. The nature trail, once clearly established, is not as well defined today as when it was being used regularly on guided tours. Some horse trails are more clearly marked. Don't be confused, but follow the old trail until it turns left into the creek. Then follow the path downstream to the old bridge. The path leaves the canyon at this point and leads back to the point of beginning.

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Suggestions: Bring Your Own Water!
Trail Markers:
Y(ellow)=Short Loop
T(urquoise)=Trail Marker

Woodland Park Locator Map

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