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Flycatchers & Larks

Olive-sided Flycatcher Summer Fairly Common n/a Mixed Conifer, Spruce-Fir
Western Wood-Pewee Summer Common n/a Grassland, Pinon-Juniper, Mixed Conifer, Spruce-Fir
Willow Flycatcher Summer Uncommon * Pinon-Juniper, Ponderosa
Dusky Flycatcher Summer Uncommon n/a Ponderosa
Western Flycatcher Summer Fairly Common n/a Pinon-Juniper, Mixed Conifer, Spruce-Fir
Black Phoebe Summer Common * Aquatic
Say's Phoebe Permanent Resident Common n/a Desert scrub, Grassland, Pinon-Juniper, Ponderosa, Mixed Conifer
Ash-throated Flycatcher Summer Uncommon n/a Desert scrub, Grassland, Ponderosa
Cassin's Kingbird Summer Fairly Common n/a Pinon-Juniper, Ponderosa
Western Kingbird Summer Common n/a Desert Scrub, Grassland, Pinon-Juniper, Ponderosa
Horned Lark Permanent Resident Common n/a Grassland

Information Courtesy: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southwestern Region & White Mountain Audubon Society
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