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Water Fowl

Common Loon Winter Uncommon * n/a
Pied-bill Grebe Permanent Resident Common * n/a
Horned Grebe Migratory Rare * n/a
Eared Grebe Winter Fairly Common * n/a
Western Grebe Winter Uncommon * n/a
American Coot Permanent Resident Common * n/a
Double-crested Comorant Summer Fairly Common * n/a
American Bittern Summer Hypothetical * *
Great Blue Heron Permanent Resident Common * *
Great Egret Migratory Uncommon * *
Snowy Egret Migratory Uncommon * *
Cattle Egret Migratory Rare * *
Green-backed Heron Summer Uncommon * *
Black-crowned Night Heron Summer Uncommon * *
White-faced Ibis Migratory Fairly Common * *
Tundra Swan Winter Uncommon * n/a
Canada Goose Permanent Resident Common * n/a
Green-winged Teal Winter Common * *
Mallard Permanent Resident Common * *
Northern Pintail Permanent Resident Fairly Common * n/a
Blue-winged Teal Permanent Resident Uncommon * n/a
Cinnamon Teal Permanent Resident Common * n/a
Northern Shoveler Winter Common * n/a
Gadwall Permanent Resident Fairly Common * n/a
American Wigeon Winter Fairly Common * n/a
Canvasback Winter Fairly Common * n/a
Redhead Permanent Resident Fairly Common * n/a
Ring-necked Duck Permanent Resident Common * n/a
Greater Scaup Migratory Rare * n/a
Lesser Scaup Winter Fairly Common * n/a
Common Golden-eye Winter Uncommon * n/a
Bufflehead Winter Common * n/a
Hooded Merganser Winter Rare * n/a
Common Merganser Permanent Resident Fairly Common * *
Ruddy Duck Permanent Resident Fairly Common * n/a

Information Courtesy: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southwestern Region & White Mountain Audubon Society

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