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Ski Arizona ~ Sunrise Ski Area



More than 800 acres of skiing over three interconnected mountains. 65 Trails with the longest run (Lonestar on Cyclone Mountain)of 2.75 miles. Difficulty of our runs: 40% Beginner, 40% Intermediate, 20% Advanced. Five Day lodges provide food and beverage service within the park. You'll find recreational race course & competitive skiing for juniors & adults, as well as Weekend night skiing!

Snowboarding Fun!Snowboard Park

Sunrise Snowboard Park is located between Pinedale and Lodgeview runs within sight of the Sunrise Lodge.

The Snowboard Park features half-pipe, embedded rails, sound system and lots of jumps from beginner to advanced.

Cross Country Skiing & Snowmobiling

Sunrise offers more than 13 miles of cross country trails and 25 miles of snowmobile trails, daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can register at Sunrise Sports Center or contact (520) 735-7335 for more information.