White Mountains Online

Georges Lake Loop


Arizona's White Mountains

Elevation: 8,000' to 8,500'

Length: 4.5 miles (7.5 without a shuttle)

Season: May through October

Rating: Moderate

Use: Moderate

Conveniently close to Alpine
Rural setting
Connects with larger loop (Luna Lake)

Food, lodging, and supplies in Alpine
Campground at Luna Lake

Attractions: This short ride starts in Alpine and leads through variety of surroundings as it loops out from and back to town. Along its course you'll ride on everything from the paved shoulders of broad two-lane highways to rough and rocky forest roads. Backyard horses will cast a curious glance in your direction as you pass suburban ranchettes and head into national forest areas that seem a million miles from anywhere though they're just a short distance out of town. If the time of the year is right, you have a chance of happening onto some of the migrant waterfowl at the little lake for which this ride is named. It's just a short way off the main route. If you've brought your lunch this might be a good place to enjoy it.

At the intersection of FR 275F and FR 275 you can either choose to head back to Alpine to complete the Georges Lake Loop or you can continue on around the Luna Lake Loop for a longer ride and more forest scenery.

Access: Start right in Alpine and end up back where you started

Ride Log: Start at the intersection of US routes 191 (formerly US 666) and 180 in Alpine and ride northwest on those combined routes to Forest Road 8200. Turn right (east) on that road, which is marked with an international bike symbol and follow the blue diamond ride markers past the motorized vehicle barrier. About 2 miles up the road you'll come to a gate (please close it) then it's 2.5 more miles to the junction with FR 275. You can either end your ride here (If you have taken care of the 3 mile shuttle in advance) or turn right (south) on FR 275 to US 191 and continue 2 miles back to your starting point.

Notes: There is no water on the Georges Lake Loop

Please contact the Alpine Ranger District for current information of trail conditions: P.O. Box 469, Alpine, AZ 85920, (520) 339-4384.

For more information, please feel free to contact the USDA Forest Service, Alpine Ranger District at 928.339.4384 or you may write us at P.O. Box 469 Alpine, Arizona 85920