White Mountains Online

Hannagan Meadow Loop


Arizona's White Mountains

Elevation: 8,900' to 9,300'

Length: 5.5 miles

Season: May through October

Rating: Easy to Moderate

Use: Moderate

Pleasantly cool temperatures and some of the finest alpine scenery in the southwest are main attractions for this easy ride over a varied terrain. Tall trees and mountain meadows colored with wildflowers set the backdrop while a nearby rustic cabin resort adds a touch of history to the atmosphere. This is an especially scenic ride during the fall when the high proportion of aspens in Hannagan area forests decorate the area with the golden hues of their changing leaves. At just about any time of the year you'll have a good chance of seeing some of the area's resident wildlife which includes wild turkey, Aberts squirrels, and hatrack antlered elk. Black bear are also regularly sighted here.

This ride is conveniently accessible from both Hannagan Meadow Lodge and Hannagan Campground and is quite a bit popular with visitors to both of those places. The route does follow a power line for part of the ride but the majority of the loop is along primitive two-track and little traveled dirt and graveled forest roads.

A longer 17 mile loop is possible in this same area by incorporating sections of FR's 24 and 25 into the ride. This loop takes you through more of the same type of scenic forests and meadows described above although the roads are a bit more heavily traveled. It also requires 5 miles of riding along US Highway 191 (formerly US 666) to return to the trailhead.

From Alpine drive 23 miles south on Highway 191 (formerly US 666) to FR 576 (a quarter mile before Hannagan Meadow Lodge). The ride begins here and in a short distance turns right along a power line. From Hannagan Lodge ride north on Highway 191 to FR 576 to begin the ride.

Ride Log:
From the trailhead at the intersection of FR 576 and US 191 follow FR 576 for 100 yards to the powerline right of way. Follow the power line road (indicated by the blue diamond marker) 1 mile to a marked junction with a two track road which bears to the left. Follow this primitive road approximately 1.5 miles to another marked junction. Turn right on the well traveled dirt road for two miles to a corral then turn right to a marked junction once again at a power line. Follow the power line road back to Hannagan Lodge which is a quarter mile south of the trailhead.

For the longer loop, continue on FR 576 past the powerline for 3.5 miles to FR 24. (This route is not marked.) Turn left and FR 24 and ride 7 miles to FR 25. Turn left on FR 25 and follow it 0.75 miles to US Highway 191. Ride north on the highway 5 miles back to Hannagan Lodge.

All road junctions are marked with blue diamond markers

Please contact the Alpine Ranger District for current information of trail conditions: P.O. Box 469, Alpine, AZ 85920, (928) 339-4384.


For more information, please feel free to contact the USDA Forest Service, Alpine Ranger District at 928.339.4384 or you may write us at P.O. Box 469 Alpine, Arizona 85920