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Williams Valley
Cross Country Skiing Area


Arizona's White Mountains

Season: Late November to Mid April

15 Kilometers of groomed trail

No Fee!


  • 15 Kilometers of groomed trail for striding and skating
  • Port-a-toilets
  • Ski rentals, instructions and tours available in Alpine
  • Nearest food and lodging in Alpine


  • Tall trees, big meadows, great views
  • Long season, lots of snow
  • Skiing for all skill levels
  • Plowed road

Attractions: At the Williams Valley Ski Area fifteen kilometers of trails groomed for both diagonal striding and ski-skating wind through a picturesque area of evergreen forests and wide mountain meadows. Williams Valley is located 6 miles from Alpine along a forest road that is kept open except during and immediately after major winter storms. The elevation here is 8,700 feet, so snow usually comes early and stays late. Because of the variety of terrains and conditions at Williams Valley both novices and more experienced skiers will find plenty to enjoy here.

Slopes are moderate to gentle and turns are gradual on these trails, which wind through the trees and across the broad meadows. Powder conditions persist through most of the winter, during which trails are maintained through a joint effort of local merchants and the Alpine Ranger District. When early spring comes, with warm days and cold night, the snow forms a hard crust, making it no longer necessary to stay on the trails or blaze new ones if you strike off in a new direction. The whole area becomes one big cross country ski-skating rink and you're free to fly across the meadows.

The area is adjoined on the west by a large open area which serves as a play area for snowmobile riders. Snowmobile access to this area is maintained along FR 249.

Access: Drive 1.5 miles northwest of Alpine on US 191 and turn west 4.5 miles on FR 249 to Williams Valley. FR 249 is plowed out reasonably soon after a storm.


  • Please park all vehicles on the south side of the road facing toward Alpine.
  • No snowmobiles permitted east or south of first cattleguard, all snowmobiles keep north of fence or west of ski trails.
  • No pets allowed on ski trails.
  • Please observe the rules of common courtesy, so this area may be enjoyed by all winter sports enthusiasts-young and old alike.
  • Observe standard cautions associated with winter sports.
Snow and Road Conditions Report: For a current conditions report, call (928) 339-4384

For current information on trail conditions, please contact the Alpine Ranger District: P.O. Box 469, Alpine AZ 85920, (928) 339-4384. For more information, please feel free to contact the USDA Forest Service, Alpine Ranger District.