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Snowflake Arizona

Chamber of CommerceSnowflake is in east-central Arizona 30 miles south of Holbrook on state Route 77. The Mogollon Rim and the White Mountains, south and west of Snowflake, form an almost continuous barrier protecting the community form severe winters and creating a semi-arid climate. Founded in 1878, Snowflake was named after its founders Apostle Erastus Snow and Mormon land agent William Flake. At an elevation of 5,600 feet, it lies in a broad, flat valley drained by the Cottonwood and Silver Creeks. Established in 1881, it incorporated in 1948.

Historic Flake homeSnowflake lies in an area of great contrasts - barren desert to the north and mountain ranges to the south. One of the nation's most unique parks lies north of Snowflake, the Petrified Forest National Park, which includes not only the Petrified Forest, but the Painted Desert and Navajo Indian Reservation with attractions such as Monument Valley and Oraibi (on the Hopi Indian Reservation), the oldest continually occupied village in the U.S. To the south and west of Snowflake are high mountains and forest, including the White Mountains, Sitgreaves National Forest, and the Mogollon Rim. Many small lakes, perfect for trout fishing and swimming, are scattered throughout these mountains. The Sunrise Ski Resort is located 65 miles south of Snowflake on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

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