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The St. Johns Equestrian Center is rapidly becoming one of the premier equestrian centers in the Southwest. The center is centrally located for horses and riders from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Southern California. St. Johns provides excellent footing, rolling countryside and a variety of facilities and equipment. The area is perfect for equestrian competition.

Equipment and Facilities...

  • *150+ Stabling
  • *Multi-use dressage, show, jump arenas
  • *Warm-up rings
  • *Rodeo arena
  • *Stock-sale covered arena
  • *Meeting facilities
  • *Dressage, stadium, jumper equipment
  • *Stock Pens
  • *80-acre Cross Country Course
  • *RV Sites with hook-ups
  • *Local coordination-management
  • *Race track
  • *Modern roping facilities
  • *Loading chutes and weigh scale
  • *Animal washers, cement pads
  • *Concessions and booths

  • Central Location
  • Accessible to Interstate 40
  • Adjoining Airport
  • Reasonable Rates
  • A Variety of Accommodations

For further information contact:
City of St. Johns, (928) 337-4517
St. Johns Chamber of Commerce (928) 337-2000
P.O. Box 929
St. Johns, Arizona 85936

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