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White Mountain Horsemen's Association


"Dedicated to promoting, preserving, and protecting horsemanship in the White Mountains."

Come...help us celebrate the horse and the traditions of the Old West! We encourage equestrian activities of all kinds for all ages!

Member Benefits Include:

  • Trail Rides
  • Trail Development
  • Trail Preservation
  • TrailSystem Updates
  • Parkland Development
  • Zoning Help
  • Steak Dinners
  • Cowboy Breakfasts
  • Horsemanship Education
  • Horsemanship Clinics
  • Horse Shows
  • Parades
  • Youth Encouragement
  • Overnight Campouts
  • Long Distance Rides
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • New Member Kit
  • Membership Pin
  • Recognition Awards
  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Good Fellowship
  • Community Involvement

A Flavor of the Old West!
Political Action...Local, State, Federal

White Mountain Horsemen's Association

Who should Join WMHA....and Why???

Experienced Horsemen! You can share what you've learned over the years with people who are interested in learning!

New Horse Owner! WMHA is an excellent educational resource of people and information to help you care for your horse!

"No horse" Owner! Want a horse sometime? WMHA can help you do it right the first time!

Any Horse Owner! WMHA is already working for you! But...we need your help!

Hiker~Biker~Cross-Country Skier! Like to walk, bike and ski the trails? WMHA is developing extensive multi-use trails in the White Mountains!

Business Person! WMHA is dedicated to preserving the Old West and an environment that attracts tourism!

WMHA GOAL: The White Mountain Horsemen's Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, and protecting horsemanship in the White Mountains Of Arizona. Our members strive to establish and maintain a network of trail systems throughout the area, encourage and support equestrian endeavors and activities of all kinds and for all ages, and create, by our common bond of fellowship, a forum for resource, communication, education, and friendship.

If you'd like to join the White Mountain Horsemen's Association,  print out the application and mail to us at: P.O. Box 3374, Show Low, Arizona 85901!

White Mountain Horsemen's Association
P.O. Box 3374
Show Low, Arizona 85901

About our logo! The LOGO design of the WHITE MOUNTAIN HORSEMEN'S ASSOCIATION is unique! The REARING HORSE represents the Spirit of vitality and Unbounded Energy of the Old West. The WHMA lettering, at first glance, gives the appearance of a fence, with which the modern horse rider of today must contend...but note that the fence contains a gate! In addition, the LOGO is actually Three-in-One: the HORSE, the WMHA, and the FULL LOGO, allowing a variety of applications.